Nerd Nite Calgary

Watch Sophia Van Hees present on brain function via Scrabble at the upcoming Nerd Nite Calgary. This sold out event, taking place on February 11, is destined to be a good time!

Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo

How exciting! Our very own Sabine Seyffarth will be representing the lab next weekend at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. If you happen to be around the Expo on the sold out Saturday, April 26... check it out!!


This is Your Brain on SCRABBLE: Mastering Your Mind

Room: Palomino H

Start: 12:30PM

End: 1:15PM

It might not seem that way to you, but this page is crowded with arbitrary visual contrast patterns. Unscrambling that information is no small feat, but in the space of a few hundred milliseconds, what you, as a human, experience are words arranged in sentences. Your ability to make sense out of words co-opts evolutionary systems designed to recognize familiar shapes and faces, and there’s no doubt that you’re very good at it. But would you be surprised to hear that there’s a group of people who are probably better? Recent work in our lab has shown that competitive SCRABBLE players are actually word recognition experts who push this ability in ways that researchers never thought were possible. These aren’t just changes in behavior, but changes in the brain. We will review what these changes look like, and take up the question of how neuroplasticity underlies not just SCRABBLE expertise, but the mastery over any domain.


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