Concurrent EEG/fMRI


Concurrent EEG/fMRI

Concurrent EEG/fMRI just means that we record EEG and fMRI at the same time. That way we can see different parts of the brain and record electrical activity in only one session. 

All of our fMRI's happen at the Child and Adolescent Imaging Research Program (CAIR) centre at the Alberta Children's Hospital. Feel free to look at their website here to see what that looks like and how to get there.


What to expect when you participate

You will wear a special cap for the EEG

The cap is like a soft net full of electrodes. Each electrode has a little sponge on the end of it so it is pretty comfortable to wear. This cap is specially designed to work inside the MRI scanner, so it looks a little bit different then the one we use without the MRI. 

A little bit of salt water helps the electrodes record brain activity.

Before putting the cap on your head, we soaked it in water with a bit of salt in it. Then we just make sure there is enough water in the sponges for each electrode by dropping just one extra drop of water at a time on the sponges. We also move the electrodes around a little bit to get extra hair out of the way. It doesn't hurt, but it does take a little bit of time. 

Sometimes we will record some EEG before going to the fMRI scanner

During the EEG you will get to rest comfortably, or sometimes do a task on the computer like playing a game or watching a movie.



Setting up for the fMRI

You will get to lay down for the fMRI, so to make sure the electrodes stay in place and to make your head comfortable, we put a cool hat over the electrodes.

The fMRI

Once the EEG is ready to go, we will give you some big headphones, and you will get to lay inside the spaceship (MRI scanner). Like all spaceships, it is a little loud, but very comfortable, you will get pillows and a blanket if you want. There is a screen that you can see inside the scanner, so you will get to rest and watch a movie for a while.