What is EEG?

Electroencephalography, or EEG for short, is a method that allows us to look at the electrical activity of the brain.



What to expect when you participate

You will wear a special cap during the EEG.

During the EEG, you will wear special cap with electrodes in it. These electrodes will allow us to see and record your brain activity. 

Gel is used to help the electrodes record brain activity.

To be able to properly see and record your brain activity, we have to put some gel on your head where the electrodes are. The gel is pretty gooey, so we will give you and your parents a place to wash your hair when you are done.

The EEG happens in a soundproof room.

Our EEG research takes place in a soundproof room. During the EEG, you will sit in this room while you do tasks on a computer, like playing a game or watching a movie.

The technologist will monitor you.

The soundproof room has a window that you can see out of. During the study, the researchers and your parents will be able to watch you through this window. You can ask to stop or talk to your parents at any time during the study.

About one to two hours.

Our EEG studies usually take about one or two hours to complete. This includes setup, recording, and washing the gel out of your hair.